Upcoming Allocation Meetings

  • Thursday, January 11, 2024


a. Funds for Equipment and Supplies.
At the discretion of the members, the Board will attempt to fund as many requests as possible for capital equipment and supplies, such as: uniforms, associated clothing, and associated equipment for activities such as drill team, debate, and robotics, by way of illustration and not limitation.

b. Funds for Travel.
At the discretion of the members, the Board may fund travel requests for certain activities, especially if their need for equipment and supplies is limited compared to that of other groups or activities. Other requests for travel funds may be funded; however, it is the Boards’ intent to recognize all activities fairly and equitably.

c. Funds for Social Events.
At the discretion of the members, the Board may consider request for funds to be applied for social events, end of season parties, social functions, team-building or school spirit events, or awards for teams. However, these requests should only be considered when exceptional circumstances are present, such as the celebration of a State Title, or extraordinary recognition is warranted.

d. Senior All-Nighter.
The Board will assist with funding up front costs to a maximum of $1,000 in recognition of the promotion of safety and well-being of the students brought about by the LC Senior All-Nighter. The assistance provided by way of up-front funding of LC All-Nighter expenses shall be considered an advance with the expectation that the same will be repaid by the LC All-Nighter Committee, funds permitting.

e. Funds for Extraordinary items.
The Board will consider requests for funds for extraordinary items not specifically set for the above based upon the recommendation of the members or parent representative. In considering such requests, the board shall consider its corporate charter, goals, and guidelines set forth herein. The approval of any such extraordinary request shall be solely in the discretion of the Board.

f. Distribution of Funds.
At the discretion of the Board, the Board will attempt to fund requests three times a year, during the months of October, January and May. Consideration for assigning funds will be carried out as fairly and equitably as possible according to a number of criteria which include by way of illustration and not limitation:

  • The amount of funds available
  • The amount of request for those funds
  • The amount of funds recently disbursed to a particular activity
  • The number of students affected by the request
  • The urgent need for the request

The Board prefers to consider activity requests prior to the purchase of equipment, supplies, travel or extraordinary items. Requests made for Booster Club funds after purchases have occurred will not be presumed to be reimbursed but will be considered according to the above-mentioned criteria and will not take priority or have preference over other requests.

g. Vote of Majority.
The decision to make approve a disbursement shall be made by a majority of members present at the principal place for meetings.
h. Attendance. The parent representative requesting funding (or his or her proxy) must be present at the meeting in which funds are being requested.

In order to submit this form please verify that you have read and agree to the Policy on Disbursement above.

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